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Once you become apart of the Afterhours family, you will not only gain a four legged best friend into your life but you will also have a support system for the time to come.  If you need any additional information/guidance feel free to contact us.  Remember, all Afterhours GWP's are welcome to come home if life throws an expected turn. If you have an Afterhours GWP and would like to write a testimonall please send it to Christi Chism at

"Smart, healthy and friendly..."

AfterHours Holland aka Holly, my most favoritest German puppy

in the world 💕 Smart, healthy, friendly and always game! I’d recommend

Afterhours Kennels to anyone looking for a pup (and have! So I get to

play with AfterHours Sweet Victory aka Victor all winter).  Many

compliments when we have her out and about, on her looks

AND her temperament. -Eline E. --Florida

"..highly skilled hunting dog."

The King of our home. This is Mr. Tou- he is our second GWP

from Afterhours. It is true no two alike but the very best dog

for our life. If you want an active, loving, best friend, protector

and highly skilled hunting dog, this is the breed for you. Never

a dull moment. We love our GWP and drove 631 miles one way

for a reputable breeder. -Margie B. --Virginia

"We could not have asked for better."

Our Afterhours Remington aka Remi is the light of our life 💕 

she’s a smart sweet and sassy little girl. We couldn’t have asked

for better. Thank you Afterhours Kennels German Wirehaired

Pointer! -Bj P.  --Florida

"...hunting machine in the field."

We are so happy to have met the Chism Family of Afterhours

German Wirehaired Pointers. The GWPs they breed are outstanding.

Our Afterhour’s Fighting Gator is a hunting machine in the field and

a cuddle bug at home. He is so wonderful with the little kids in our

family and even swims with them.  We are super appreciative to have

Gator! Afterhours Fighting Gator NAI. -Missy B. --Florida

"She’s great in every way."

After Hours Mint Julep. Best GWP ever! She’s great in every way.

-Will Magee --Florida

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