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About Us

Afterhours was first established in the early 70s.  Tina and Walt Whitmore met in the early 80s, Tina raised Boxers and Walt raised Brittanys. Tina began showing dogs in the early 70s and fell in love with the sport.  Walt was an avid sportsman, hunting fur and feather.  They both agreed that with their fresh start they needed a unique breed which was versatile in both the conformation ring and would excel in the field.  After months of research, they decided the German Wirehaired Pointer was the ultimate breed.  After acquiring their first GWP they fell in love with the breed. Since that time they have accomplished more than they ever anticipated. Throughout the years, Walt and Tina Whitmore are proud breeders of the top field and show GWP's, including NAVHDA UT Prize 1 (perfect score), multiple Best in Show dogs, many National and Regional Specialty winners, Master Hunters, Superior ROM's, and Top Producing Sires and Dams. Christine Whitmore recently received recognition of being a AKC Breeder of Merit Platinum for German Wirehaired Pointers. She had bred 120 AKC Champions and 146 titled dogs.   


Christi Schoessow Chism is the daughter of Tina Whitmore. She also shared the love of the breed with her parents.  At a very young age, she traveled throughout the United States successfully competing against professional handlers. Christi has won and bred GWP's with many accolades such as Master Agility Champions, Grand Champions, Group Winners and Specialty winners. Christi has bred 63 Champions and 83 titled German Wirehaired Pointers. When Christi got married she moved to Florida and started her family. When she moved to Florida, she continued the legacy of Afterhours Kennels. She has three children Alexis, Allison, and Madison. We all compete and raise the dogs together as a family. 

At the age of 7, Alexis chose her GWP Cutie, they successfully competed against the top professionals. Alexis finished Cutie's Grand Championship at the age of eight. As Cutie was competing in the show ring she also earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and her Junior Hunter (JH) titles, trained and handled by Alexis. At the 2011 National Specialty Alexis and Annie won Winners Bitch.  Alexis Chism has now gone to finish many Championships, Grand Championships, Multiple Group wins, hunting titles and other performance titles. She enjoys trying new events with the dogs and competing in the show ring. Alexis had the opportunity to finish the first Grand Champion Platinum GWP "Lucas". At  just 19 years old she has bred her first Grand Champion Bronze/Master Hunter "Pippin", Master Agility Champion (MACH) "Presto"  and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Utility Prize "Naughtie".  Alexis completed all of the requirements to become a Breeder of Merit at just 13 years old.  Alexis served on the National German Wirehaired Rescue board as the Social Media Specialist and has always generously helped with rescue. Alexis is currently specialing her bred by bitch, "Greta" who she has won three Group Firsts with along with many group placements and Owner Handled Best in Shows.  At 21 years old, Alexis has bred 33 Champions and 40 titled German Wirehaired Pointers. Alexis is typically who you will speak with when you contact us. 

Allison Chism completed all of the requirements to become a Breeder of Merit at just 15 years old. She has enjoyed showing her dogs in the AKC Juniors program with both Ork and Chase.  Allison and Chase qualified for Westminster Juniors and we are excited to cheer them on in New York in May of 2024. She is ranked #1 GWP Junior in the AKC Junior Recognition Program and #1 GWP Conformation Junior for 2023.  She ended 2023 as the #9 Junior All Sports and received a scholarship on the behalf of the American Kennel Club. Allison is the first and only Junior to earn a Best Junior and Reserve Best Junior with a Fauve. She has also finished numerous dogs on her own at a young age and even won a Group First along with other group placements with Chase. She has also titled dogs in rally, obedience, lure coursing and farm dog. Allison enjoys performance events and is working with her new puppy in agility. She hopes to one day complete a MACH on one of her dogs. Allison aged out of Juniors in Sept of 2023. 

After much research we decided to dive deep into the Basset Fauve de Bretagne. We love their eagerness to please, strong drive to hunt, sweet personalities and they fit along perfectly with the GWP's.  Along with Marion Hancock, we imported a wonderful foundation of dogs that helped begin our breeding program. We have enjoyed titling our dogs in the conformation ring along with scent work, Fast CAT, trick dog and rally. We current have the top winning Fauve with the most Certificate of Merits.  We have been very successful in the show ring winning all seven Illinois specialties put on by the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America.  We hope to welcome the Fauves into the Hound Group in 2025. 


The Chism Family and Christine Whitmore are avid members of the Suncoast German Wirehaired Pointer Club, American Kennel Club, German Wirehaired Pointer Club Of America and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. 


Afterhours has the most CHIC'd dogs from any other breeder. CHIC means completed and passed all health screenings that are recommended by the GWPCA (German Wirehaired Pointer Club Of America). 


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our history in the breed.

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