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Once you become apart of the Afterhours family, you will not only gain a four legged best friend into your life but you will also have a support system for the time to come.  If you need any additional information/guidance feel free to contact us.  Remember, all Afterhours GWP's are welcome to come home if life throws an expected turn. If you have an Afterhours GWP and would like to write a testimonall please send it to Alexis Chism at

"Smart, healthy and friendly..."

AfterHours Holland aka Holly, my most favoritest German puppy in the world. Smart, healthy, friendly and always game! I’d recommend Afterhours Kennels to anyone looking for a pup (and have! So I get to play with AfterHours Sweet Victory aka Victor all winter).  Many compliments when we have her out and about, on her looks AND her temperament. -Eline E. --Florida

"..highly skilled hunting dog."

The King of our home. This is Mr. Tou- he is our second GWP from Afterhours. It is true no two alike but the very best dog for our life. If you want an active, loving, best friend, protector and highly skilled hunting dog, this is the breed for you. Never  a dull moment. We love our GWP and drove 631 miles one way for a reputable breeder. -Margie B. --Virginia

"We could not have asked for better."

Our Afterhours Remington aka Remi is the light of our life she’s a smart sweet and sassy little girl. We couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you Afterhours Kennels German Wirehaired Pointer! -Bj P.  --Florida


"...hunting machine in the field."

We are so happy to have met the Chism Family of Afterhours  German Wirehaired Pointers. The GWPs they breed are outstanding. Our Afterhour’s Fighting Gator is a hunting machine in the field and a cuddle bug at home. He is so wonderful with the little kids in our family and even swims with them.  We are super appreciative to have

Gator! Afterhours Fighting Gator NAI. -Missy B. --Florida

"She’s great in every way."

After Hours Mint Julep. Best GWP ever! She’s great in every way.

-Will Magee --Florida


"...I'm proud to be part of the family."

I can only say that I’m proud to be part of the family, my Myrtle  AKA Jasper is so loving  and I weighed him today and went from 8 to 12.5 pounds in a week.  Thanks Afterhours. -Stan D. --Florida

"...strong and healthy!"

We picked Jake “The bearded bird dog “ up from AfterHours Kennels. He is strong, healthy and the most loving dog. Jake is a great part of  the family. He is a great, swimmer, hunter and can jump over anything.

This boy is living his best life and is helping us to live ours. I would  recommend GWP’s from AfterHours. -Jerry and Mindy Le Adams --Florida

"...the way she takes care of her dogs is astonishing."

Our Afterhours Freiherr von Richthofen aka Baron is the perfect GWP for our family. He is smart, healthy and most of all loving. He loves his 3 mile walks and chasing Texas birds. But most of all he loves swimming in the

pool. We are so excited for duck season to start so he can show us all that he has learned. Christi is amazing and they way she takes care of her dogs is astonishing.  -Julie S. --Texas

"...very qualified, professional and has a strong love for these animals."

"I cannot recommend this breeder enough. I contacted Afterhours  Kennels while we were living in Africa (my husband works at U.S. Embassies overseas and every 2yrs we are sent to live in a different country). I advised Afterhours Kennels that we were interested in acquiring a female GWP for our family. I wished to receive the dog when we arrive in the States, in between tours. Afterhours Kennels replied quickly and sent us online pictures of a female GWP puppy, which we eventually named after the Afrikaans word, Lekker. We continued receiving pictures of the puppy (which excited our 3 children) from Afterhours Kennels until we arrived in the U.S. Upon arrival, the breeder brought our new puppy to us. After speaking with the breeder, it quickly became evident that she was very qualified, professional and has a strong love for these animals.  Lekker was well socialized with dogs and people had received vet care and vaccines and appeared to know some basic commands when we received her. We have since moved to Trinidad. Lekker had to undergo extensive testing in order to be imported to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Following the tests, it was clear that Lekker was in great health. We decided to keep her on the food that the breeder had given her which, coincidentally, was the same high-quality food that the veterinarian had recommended. We could not be more pleased with our now 9month old GWP. She is happy, healthy, highly intelligent, amazing off-leash and a wonderful pointer and family pet. On one particular occasion, my 4yr old decided to take his flotation device off while he was in the deep end of our swimming pool. Lekker immediately jumped in the pool, grabbed him by the sleeve of his rash guard, and pulled him to the steps. Lekker is an amazing GWP from a highly qualified breeder at Afterhours Kennels and is a wonderful addition to our family."

Michelle B.-- Trinidad and Tobago

"...healthy and alert" & "...obviously well cared for."

"I acquired my pup just over a month ago. Afterhours answered all our questions and provided us with all the information and photographs in order for us to make a long-distance and intelligent decision on what puppy to choose. They also asked us all the right questions to make sure they allowed one of their pups to go to a good home. The transaction was easy going and successful. We received our pup the first week of February 2017. He is healthy and alert and was obviously  well cared for prior to our acquisition. Afterhours kept in touch with us throughout the shipping process including photos at the airport.  I have  since recommended them to my local veterinarian here on Cape Cod who is at present, talking with Afterhours kennels to acquire one of the last  pups from their latest litter.  I highly recommend them!!"

-Scott T.- MD


"...still kicking at 13.5 years old!!"

"Hi Christi, I didn't know you had a FB page for Afterhours, nice to see it! Not sure if you remember me ( Vinnie V.) from West Palm Beach,I have one of your pups from Major league and Gypsy, Beauregard (aka Buddy)!!!!! Just wanted to let you know he is still kicking at 13.5 years old!!!

-Vinnie V. -- FL

" notch."

"Amazing folks to work with and our pup is top-notch. We love this dog!"
- Russel T.-- VA
"...beyond our expectations."

"Christi is awesome! She is easy to work with and very informative. When she introduced us to Ranger - he was beyond our expectations. Since he arrived at his new home, he is settling in very well. We love his tenderness and tenacity! Highly recommended!!!"

- Robert Z-- FL

"...superb dogs!"

"Superb dogs! I cannot say enough about this kennel. We were thrilled with our GWP Afterhours Rex Murphy ...there is definitely another in our future."

-Hilary C.- Ontario, Canada

"...such a wonderful member of our family."

Afterhours Amazing Grace JH "Gracie"
"Grace is a wonderful all-around wirehair. She is a joy to show with very low maintenance, correct coat that requires minimal grooming, loves fieldwork and easily completed her junior hunter as a puppy and is the perfect pet-loving nothing more than to hang out on the couch or play endlessly with the girls and a tennis ball. I think this last thing is what has made her such a wonderful member of our family."
Temple Watson--R

"...caring and responsible breeder." & "...wonderful people and wonderful dogs."
Afterhours Cast A Spell "Thorny"

"Christi and her family at Afterhours Kennels are absolutely "tops" when it comes to selecting a caring and responsible breeder. We had the good fortune to find these wonderful people and a wonderful dog, too. We love our GWP (a real ball of energy) and have found in our travels around the East Coast, that everyone in the GWP world knows Christi and her family and has nothing but praise for their line of dogs. Just look at their website for their line of champions. Naturally, we think ours is the best in the world!"
David and Nancy Evans--MD

"They have a great breeding program and it shows in their dogs."
Afterhours Bewitched Gal "Britta"
"We purchased our first wirehair a little over a year ago. Britta has
out to be everything we expected and then some. She is good in the house and field. She has terrific hunting ability, it is a pleasure to take out and she

enjoys it as much as we do. Britta's wire coat makes a bath so easy too. Our many thanks go to Christi and the Whitmores for the much-needed advice  and help that they gave us novices. They have a great breeding program and it shows in their dogs. Britta is not only quick to learn but eager as well and does everything with enjoyment while wagging her little stub tail! By far, she is the smartest dog we have ever owned, her favorite activity is to 'gogrousing' - she knows that phrase well."
Ken, Jane & Alex Countrymen--PA

"...personality is the best attribute." & "...absolutely a natural."
Afterhours Dusty "Dusty"
"We drove to your folks and picked him up last May and he is just a year old this week. His personality is the best attribute. Everyone that knows him adores him. We bought him as a companion mainly since we had had a wire before. She had been primarily a hunting dog that wormed her way into our hearts. Since she had gotten too old to hunt, my husband hadn't really done much fieldwork for some time. He was determined that if we bought a dog that had been bred to hunt, it would be unfair not to. We've taken him out about 10 times this season and he absolutely is a natural. He loves it of course. I usually don't shoot but go along to video or take pictures. We took a lot of quail over his points and never once lost a downed bird in heavy cover. If they are there, he finds them. We didn't do a great deal of training this year and haven't really needed to since he is so willing to please and responds so well. His instincts and nose are all you could ask for. We will work on the fine points of quartering and "here" and "whoa" this summer and expect him to be pretty impressive by next fall. He is a real joy to watch work. He retrieves reasonably well, and we will polish that this summer as well. When he's not hunting, we take him for long runs in a Conservation area close to us that is really handy. We love him to death of course and so do my daughters. I've seen a lot more of my oldest since we've had him. She came with me to Ohio to get him and she regularly comes out to the house "to see her puppy"."

Pamela J Dennewitz--I

"...beautiful dogs."

"As reflected on the page they do get right back with you and have beautiful dogs."

-Carol A.- AR

"...very intelligent and learns very quickly."
Afterhours Alex "Alex"
"For 8 months old Alex did very well for the first time in the field on birds and under shot. I've had minimum time to work with her at home, but what I did show her worked well. Alex is wonderful around the house, she is very intelligent and learns very quickly. Thanks again for producing such a wonderful family member for us."
James Lufchini--PA

" far the best!!!" & "...pointing machine."
Afterhours Axel "Axel"
"I bought a puppy from Afterhours Kennels in the fall of 1997. I just began to surf the net, and I was pleased to find your site. He looks just like his father. He might be a little taller. I hunt him all the season. I have had the opportunity to hunt with many dogs and he is by far the best!! He is a pointing machine. We live on a large farm in Ct. and I have native quail and we stock many pheasants. On the first four, Saturdays of the hunting season my friends and I shot (on state land) 21 pheasants. All on staunch and enthusiastic points. Everybody who hunts with us tell me that I should enter hunting trials. He is also best friends with my old yellow lab."
George Burnside--C

"...sincere, honest and caring breeders."

"The puppies will be gorgeous and top-notch as all Afterhours puppies are. I love my Afterhours grand puppies. You are the best and such sincere, honest and caring breeders of this wonderful breed. GWPs are so loving and loyal."

Cindy M.- V

"Keep up the good work Afterhours Kennel, your dogs are so great."

"I bought a female GWP puppy from this breeder in 2004. My dogs name is Afterhours Angel and she was born June 6th, 2004. I live in Quebec Canada, and this breed is very hard to find in Canada. I enjoyed the ease of buying my dog from this breeder. Naturally, I did everything over the internet, and telephone calls. This breeder sent me over the internet, pictures of the girls she had from that litter, and she let me choose the one I wanted. My little Angel was flown into Canada and we picked her up at the airport. Everything went so well. She is now 4 1/2 years old, and she truly is an Angel to us. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone wanting to adopt a GWP. Keep up the good work Afterhours Kennel, your dogs are so great."

Johanne Poirier- Canada

"...quick learning, awesome temperament"

"Our GWP from Afterhours Kennels is 5 months old now and she has already far

surpassed our expectations and is a quick learning, awesome temperament,

sweet, beautiful family and hunting dog. Highly recommend this breeder!"

Dana G.- Florida 

"She was the perfect addition to our family..."

"Dixie has done anything and everything with us, was apart of wedding photos as well as our travel buddy to the Blue Ridge mountains. She goes anywhere we go and takes part in anything we do. She was the perfect addition to our family, and enjoys most of her time ‘hunting’ lizards in the backyard while we are gardening, cooking or playing outside." Landon and Allisun-FL


"...everything I could've asked for!"

Theo! This was our first time buying a purebred dog from a good breeder. He's got an amazing temperament and is the perfect puppy. We have had him for just over a year and he is everything I could've asked for! From the day we got him he has been super intelligent and willing to please. He gets compliments almost everywhere he goes because he truly is the best boy. Duncan Family-AL


"...she is the absolute BEST!"

We got our girl almost 2 years ago, she was born April 17 and she is the absolute BEST! With so much personality.  We seriously love our daisy girl so so much! Fair Family- GA 


" of the best dogs I have EVER owned."

There are no words!!! My Mocha is one of the best dogs I have EVER owned. That’s a result of fantastic breeding and those first 8 weeks of being totally loved on!! I would buy another Afterhours pup in the future!!! Schnabel Family- OH 


"Great in the field..."

Ella turned 1 in Dec. She is great in field and also is a great family dog. She loves be spend time outside and play with her bumblebee stuffed toy inside. Rothgeb Family- IN 


"...intelligent, witty, healthy and strong" 

Afterhours Cracklin Rosie Make Me Smile. Born December 25th, 2018 and has been my heart ever since. These dogs are intelligent, witty, healthy, strong, up to any task asked, and will be your velcro sidekick. Rosie has been an embraced challenge that has allowed personal growth in me as a dog owner. Afterhours Kennels produces wonderful dogs ready for field, work, and companionship. Burns Family- FL 



Katrina born April 17, 2020. She loves her life in Hawaii with her many outdoor activities of hiking, running, hunting and swimming in the ocean. She is extremely intelligent and versatile and will hunt whatever my husband wants her too.  Encinas Family-Hawaii



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