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Afterhours Can You Keep A Secret FDC BCAT CGC TKI VHMP VSWB

Mister CGC TKP VHMP VHMA x Madridsky Dvor Uslada RN CGCA TKE VHMP VHMA
Emma is from our first bred-by litter.  She has a beautiful harsh coat, nice dark 
pigment and  a very sweet personality.  She has one leg of her Rally Novice and we are looking forward to finishing that this fall. Emma loves to run in Fast CAT and will be receiving an invite to run at the AKC Fast CAT Invitational in Orlando. She has many Certificate of Merit points as well. 
OFA Patella: Normal, Cardiac: Normal, Eyes: Normal, POAG Clear 

IMG_0010 2.JPG
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