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What does CHIC Mean?

The Canine Health Information Center, also known as CHIC, is a centralized database sponsored by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( that provides a user friendly website and search engine for breeders and buyers to gain valuable health information regarding a dog, bitch or puppy being considered for purchase or a breeding program. CHIC working with German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America has established a recommended health screening protocol that they believe GWP breeders should follow. A CHIC number is issued when test results are entered into the database satisfying the GWP requirement, and when the owner of the dog has opted to release the results into public domain. The CHIC number itself does not imply normal test results only that the GWP specific tests were performed and results were made public. Please verify on the website that the GWP in question passed each health test. Breeders that follow the CHIC testing protocol take great pride in health screening the dogs that represent their kennel and their breeding program. 


Health Screenings Required for a CHIC #

Hip Dysplasia 

OFA evaluation (min 24 months) - OR  PennHIP evaluation (min 12 months)

Elbow Dysplasia 

OFA Evaluation (min 24 months) Autoimmune thyroiditis 

OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory - Minimum of 2 years of age, prior to breeding, and yearly thereafter until 4 years of age Eye Clearance 


Results registered with OFA or CERF - any age, yearly if in a breeding program Congenital Cardiac Database 


OFA evaluation - Must be by cardiologist (min 12 months) __________________________________


von Willebrand's Disease (Optional) 


OFA Evaluation from VetGen. First Generation Offspring of tested dogs eligible for Clear By Parentage

FUN FACT: Afterhours has the most CHIC dogs from any other German Wirehaired Pointer breeder! View Afterhours OFA tested dogs here.

Tina Whitmore with an Afterhours GWP
Alliosn Chism with Afterhours Best Of Both Worlds "Miley"
Kevin "Gris" - Afterhours GWP
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