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Whoa Cutie, Whoa...

It's a beautiful day at the field trial grounds. Cutie and I are working towards our Junior Hunter title. We have 2 legs so far, we just need that last leg! We've only trained a total of 3 hours... We are getting ready. Cutie is running with a Brittney.  

Okay it's our turn now.. I take off her leash and put it around my neck.  I double check and make sure I brought the whistle... Check... 

And BOOM, she's off! I follow.. We walk probably a half of a mile and she is off to a great start! She points the first quail, I shoot the blank, the quail flies off. Cutie then runs after it, at first I let her until I see she is getting far. I use the whistle, "Cutie come!".... Nothing... So the judge follows Cutie on his horse.

Now the way these ground are set up makes this whole story... The parking is set up at the top of this sort of clif, you then walk down when the brace starts. At the top of this clif you can view all the action on the bottom. 

Back to the story, the judge ended up going the wrong direction. Cutie got back on the original trail, and we didn't notice. However everyone up above saw Cutie pointing and flushing birds  left to right! The judge and I were so off track that we didn't even notice, or hear the people yelling "Point, Cutie is on point!!!" 

The judge and I then started to head back to the original path. Turns out Cutie pointed roughly 9 birds and when she couldn't find anymore she ran to my mom... That would have definitely been a qualification if we saw her! 

The next day she was perfect and we earned our Junior Hunter title! This story was hilarious if you were there to witness it! 

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