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Important Links on GWP Education


GWPCA Membership

Suncoast GWP Membership

About Afterhours 

Suncoast GWP Club

1987 Autumn Wire-News (Check out Afterhours

accomplishments and Tina Whitmore's article)

1989 Autumn Wire-News (Baron on the front cover

and  images of Afterhours GWP's winning the

FT. Detroit GWP Specialty (pgs. 29-30))

Health information:

General Questions and Answers

What does CHIC Mean? 

Afterhours CHIC dogs

Caring for a GWP

Hand Stripping Video Tutorial


General Information

Meet the GWP

AKC Dog Breed Series- The second dog in the video

(she is white and pictured) is Sher! 

CH. Afterhours Spirit of Shurcan

Breed Standard:

GWP Breed Standard

Defining The Standard

History Of The GWP


National Rescue

Fun Fact: Afterhours has the most CHIC German Wirehaired Pointers than any other breeder! 

Sher- Afterhours German Wirehaired Pointers
Afterhours Kennels- Pearl
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